How to satisfy your man’s need for sex when you’re not in the mood

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A recent post by Little Miss Wife shared the dirty truth about what men really want . So, what better than a follow up post to discuss how to satisfy your man’s need for sex when you’re not in the mood?¬†Its easy to please him sexually

In a recent LMW survey men shared that what men want most from their partner is SEX.  And, reasonably so, men are hardwired for physical contact from their companion. Ladies, its not their fault they are animals!

Unfortunately, this is where we women often differ.

With raging hormones, a complicated sex drive and  a body  that changes frequently throughout the lifetime (ahem,  the responsibility of bearing their children, for example!) sometimes it can be difficult for women to catch up.

Thus, we arrive at a common predicament: ¬†What to do when you want to satisfy your partner sexually but your body just ain’t in the mood? ¬†

Here are  4 quick tips to help you out!:


Yes, that is right, take one for the team. Just get for a second that your overall commitment in your partnership is to contribute to your partner’s life and overall happiness. ¬†Sex is just a small part of that happiness.

Have you ever seen him get home late from work and although he is tired he takes out the garbage for you? ¬†Or, maybe he spends time with you and some of your old friends from high school he doesn’t really enjoy. Same thing here. ¬†He is taking one for the team to make you happy.

Take one for the team.

So, strap on those hooker heels honey and give him a show! Who knows, you may even end up getting in the mood too.


Ever heard the saying: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”?¬† Well, it works.

He wants sex and you want the bathroom to get painted….hmmm….sound like a good swap?!

Sounds a little business like but sometimes that is what you need to satisfy both parties.  A good deal leaves both parties feeling like they have one the lottery.

Bottom line: it takes something for you to make him feel good when your body just won’t go there so make it worth your efforts.


If you are not in the mood it might be a lack of communication in what you need sexually from your partner.  As relationships evolves, sexual relationships evolve too so it is important to be on top of letting your partner know what you need.

Or, if it is a case of your body weighing you down (ie. its that time of the month, you are pregnant or have just given birth etc.) ¬†be in communication with your partner. ¬†Share with your partner why you are not in the mood and when you will be able to be with him. ¬†Let him know it is not about him so he is not left thinking: “she does not want me anymore”, “my wife is prude”, “am I not sexy?”, “I have no clue what to do!” – men actually think this, believe it or not!


Give him freedom to watch pron.

Everyone has the right over their own body and he should have the right to take care of business if need be. ¬†Believe it or not, many women ban their men from porn and/or masturbation. ¬†Just because it may not be a female form of arousal (for some women) doesn’t mean you have to ban your man from this mode of sexual self expression. ¬†Women tend to make it personal if they catch their man checking out a porno or masturbating (“I’m not good enough?”, “He likes that more than he likes me”?) Ladies, he is just horny and he wants to relieve himself!


Bring these 4 tips home tonight and ask your man if you think its true?  Engage in a conversation and see what erupts!

And, not only are these 4 tips great from a sexual context but they can also be employed in many other areas of your relationship.

Yours with love LMW,






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